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Puella Beauty photo I am a fully qualified LONG TIME LINER® linergist and beautician. My passion in life is to create permanent makeup (also known as tattoo makeup) treatments for eyebrows, eyes, and lips. No single treatment I perform is ever the same and is as individual as each and every one of my customers. I only use the best available on the market tools and LONG-TIME-LINER® pigments.

Everyone is different when it comes to the end result. I strive to create a natural look for the customers who desire something very subtle, but also a more pronounced look for those who prefer it. You will be able to discuss this during your free consultation.

Every permanent makeup treatment is a three part process

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Have the perfect look at all times, without the daily effort


Treat these perfectly formed and coloured lips like you were born with them.
Forget lip pencils and lipsticks! You can refresh your lips with one stroke of a lip-gloss, not even looking in the mirror. This semi-permanent makeup treatment brings a healthy, natural-looking blush to your lips, a subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape. Cover blemishes or irregularities in lip color and tone, with pinks, corals, nudes, and browns that are true to life.



The permanent eyebrows makeup treatment is revolutionary. Get ready for the everyday beauty and convenience of your new perfectly filled-in, and balanced brows. We discuss the shape and colour to fit your facial structure and preference. Have you always been dreaming about perfectly shaped brows? Try out permanent makeup!

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price list

initial treatment

eyebrows  £ 300

lips - lipstick effect  £ 340

lips - blush effect  £ 280

colour boosts up to 12 months

eyebrows  £ 90

lips - lipstick effect  £ 100

lips - blush effect  £ 100

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